Coding for COVID-19 Telehealth – A Quick Resource for Providers Part II

Continuing with the updates on Telehealth for Providers, Allyhealth Solutions, in partnership with North Texas Clinically Integrated Nework (TXCIN) has recently conducted webinars for their network of providers. The content from the discussion that was presented in these meetings has been summarized in a deck for the benefit of the provider groups at large in this blog. It is self-explanatory and can be received as a copy by providing relevant details in the attached form. It is hoped that the information is useful to the providers and their front offices.

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Coding for COVID-19 Telehealth – A Quick Resource for Providers

Federal Waiver 1135 authorized temporary changes to the requirements to telehealth services for the duration of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and are subject to change. Given the current virus crisis, it is imperative that providers balance space availability in the reception area with the likely waiting times and accordingly schedule patients to maintain “social distance” and minimize chances of infections further spreading. Equally important, given the federal clearances and approvals, it is important for the providers to become familiar with the telehealth process and address the needs of the patients remotely. We have compiled a list of updates as well as a quick resource for providers to get the coding right and hope it is useful to the provider community who are at the front lines of fighting the pandemic!

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RPA in RCM Arena – Hype or Real?

Background: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • RPA technologies function by mimicking human decision making process during the processing of a transactional event in the customer application ecosystem.
  • A variety of organizations have mushroomed and are building scale promoting applications that “record and play” or “configure” the software programs or “robots” so either whole transactions or a part of the transactions in customer environment are performed in place of a human agent.
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5 Challenges in Medical Billing

Medical billing is an important part of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) in the health care industry. The process involves complex procedures including form submission, follow up, request for claims, and more. Tracking claims, insurance verification, collections, and payments can be very frustrating for the health care provider since the system is fraught with many challenges.

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Top 4 Reasons for Errors in Medical Coding

According to a Healthcare Information and Management System report, it costs nearly $250 billion to process close to 30 billion transactions every year. Errors in these transactions can cost in terms of time and money for the health care provider. The most oft-repeated problems in these transactions arise due to medical coding errors.

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How to Improve Denial Management in Medical Billing & Healthcare

Did you know that many healthcare organizations lose a substantial chunk of revenue due to payment denials? Claim denials are an undeniable fact of the healthcare industry, but organizations must have effective denial management in place to keep the denial rate low. Well-performing practices typically experience denial rates under 5% while other practices face denied claim rates ranging from 10 to even 30%. The numbers add up, amounting to significant lost revenue.

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Medical Coding Mistakes that Affect Claims and Revenue

Medical coding entails extracting information from a patient encounter, and coding it for the purpose of medical billing and creating insurance claims. It is a crucial step in transforming services provided into billable revenue. Errors in medical coding can result in delays or even denials of claims, which impacts revenue. A pile-up of delayed reimbursements is both expensive and stressful, causing a backlog of paperwork and pressure on your staff.

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