About AllysmartRPA’s Value Methodology

  • Embarking on a journey of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) involves a careful evaluation of the scope, likely costs involved, and determination of overall ROI. Besides, organizations should also consider either setting up formal implementation teams internally or contracting with an external vendor to deliver the required RPA solutions. Using our AllySmartRPA methodology, through our no strings attached consulting, you can decide the right approach for your organization.
  • Your organization can benefit from RPA, provided you have factored in the license fees you have to pay for using any of the automation solutions in the market, the cost of resources, both IT infrastructure and people required, and the time you must invest in the implementation of such solutions. The trick to realizing benefits is that you should have high volume of simple, repeatable transactions. A meticulously conducted upfront assessment can help quantify the likely benefits, and help you realize the best path forward for your organization.
  • Allyhealth can be your strong ally in interacting with both your IT and Business Operations teams as part of the consulting process to understand your specific drivers and challenges and help put in place a robust shared incentive system that can make your RPA journey a successful one.
  • Allyhealth will also equip you with a multi-scenario cost simulation analysis (MCSA) of the potential benefits of buy VS build. The buy side would include an evaluation of available automation platforms in the market and associated license and configuration expenses while build would take into account the resourcing costs as well as licensing less expensive third party tools that could integrate with your Business Process Management software to deliver the outcomes you need. AllySmartRPA methodology enables you to understand the net ROI of implementing RPA Solutions. It will also help you prioritize the candidate processes, navigate the right build VS buy decision, and help align stakeholders within the organization to derive successful outcomes.